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Anniual staff travel (trip to xunliao bay )
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In order to cultivate team spirit, enhance team awareness and enhance team cohesion, Antex chemical (zhongshan) ltd organized a two-day tour for its employees in xunliao bay and triangle island of huizhou on July 28 and 29, 2019.

Xunliao bay is located at daya bay bank of hui dong county.Also known as "goose city" and known as maldives, xunliao bay is one of the cleanest bays in guangdong.The sand is soft, fine and white, which has the reputation of "heaven sent white sand dike"..Islets of all sizes on the sea are like fairy-mountain pavilions.Xunliao everywhere thoughtful odd stone, rich cape scenery.

We take the speedboat to reach the comfortable and leisure seaside resort, set foot on the beach, feel the friction between the foot board and the fine sand, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air,  blue sky, white clouds, beach, waves, and have an unforgettable blue trip.

In the evening, we held a barbecue party on the beach. Through  division , we enjoyed delicious dinner together.flashing lights waved with singing, the open - air beach concert is unique.In the bonfire party, each department encircled hand in hand, dancing and singing around the torch, enhancing the communication .At the same time, the award ceremony of  half year is also held in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, s to reward excellent employees and encourage them to make persistent efforts in the following time.

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