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First batch of 5 CSTM group standard projects in paint and pigments
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Recently, the China Materials and Testing Group Standards Committee(CSTM) formally approved the first five CSTM group standards for paints and pigments.
The five standards are "X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry for the determination of specific oxides in titanium dioxide pigments", led by Shandong Jia Group Co., Ltd., and "Light-saving antiseptic coatings for heat exchangers", "Graphene modified non-solvent conductive coatings", led by Jinling Special Coatings Co., Ltd.. Jiangsu Yicheng barrier technology Co., Ltd. as the lead unit "waterborne self-rust primer" and Zhejiang Youqian special materials Co., Ltd. as the lead unit "ultraviolet curing vacuum coating".

The five standards were reported by the CSTM Technical Committee on Paints and Pigments and reviewed by the CSTM Technical Committee on Chemical Materials. They were approved by the CSTM Committee on Standards and approved by the CSTM Committee.
CSTM Paints and Paints Technical Committee Secretariat based in CNOOC Changzhou Paints Chemical Research Institute Limited. The Secretariat was set up to dig deep into leading and "invisible champions" enterprises in the paint and pigment industry, build service platforms for enterprises and guide more outstanding enterprises to participate in the CSTM standard upgrading project. As a next step, the secretariat will initiate the preparation of the five CSTM group standards working groups and the development of CSTM group standards.

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