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Out door training for smelting team
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A piece of iron could be faded way with time ,it can also be refined into steel .A team could do nothing at all and it can also accomplish great missions.In order to cultivate employees' team spirit, improve team awareness and enhance team cohesion,ANTEX CHEMICALS(ZHONGSHAN)LTD ltd. organized a quality development activity on Sep 8,2018.


As the first project of this activity, team building is the prelude of outdoor development.This activity included challengeNO.1 set up fort team tug-of-war ,and wildness survival .The players were randomly divided into four groups, and the game was conducted on a point system.In the activity, each team member is fully devoted, actively communicates, fully displays the team cooperation spirit, completes each project together.


                                     ( Set up fort)                                               (Team tug-of-war )           


                                               (ChallengeNO.1)                                            (ChallengeNO.1)

Through this outreach activity, we deeply felt the importance of cooperation and communication, which laid a good foundation for future work.Not only we  got closed to the nature, saw the beauty of the environment,  but also improved our work efficiency, mobilized work enthusiasm, and promoted the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.



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