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Product name Features and Usages Emulsion type Tg ℃ MFT ℃ Viscosity CPS (Brinell Viscometer,25℃) Solid % PH Value TDS MSDS
AT-1000 Emulsion for low odor wall paintEmulsion for low-odor paint with good water resistance Styrene-acrylic 32 25 200-1600 (3#/60rpm) 47-49% 7-9
AT-3000A Emulsion for Elastomeric exterior paint.: Good water resistance,alkaline resistance and weathering resistance. Good resilience. Styrene Acrylic -14 <0 200-1000 (3#/60rpm) 50-52% 7.5-9
AT-3000M 1.excellent water resistance and alkai resiatance; 2.good adhesion with based material Styrene-acrylate 20 15 500-1200 (3#/60rpm) 49-51% 7.5-9
AT-3001 1 within the plastic; 2 powder is inclusive, excellent waterproof function; 3 excellent bridging crack capacity Styene-acrylate -20 <0 500-2000 (3#/60rpm) 49-51% 7-9
AT-3066S Emulsion for finishing :soap-free emulsion polymerization, nice weather and water resistance,high cost-effect All Acrylic 30 25 800-2000 (4#/60rpm) 46-48% 7.0-9.0
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